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Develop The Core Skills of Visionary Leadership with a Proven Toolkit for Communication, Influence and Performance

In a constantly changing world and tough economic times, the skills of effective leadership are more important than ever. The ability to inspire and engage others, to change minds with words alone and bring out the best in oneself and others is indispensable in today’s business world and crucial for business success.

Leaders Are Movers and Shakers
Those who have these skills are the movers and shakers of the business world. They help the organization navigate past obstacles, solve crucial problems, and achieve strategic aims. They bring teams together in a common vision, foster loyalty in staff and coach them to higher performance each day. With their skills, they create better, more valuable, and more profitable companies. Theirs is a skill set many dedicated managers, executives and leaders aspire to possess.

Could Researchers Solve the Puzzle of Visionary Leadership?
For decades, the “secrets” of skilled communicators and top leaders were inaccessible to most. Many were resigned to believing the secret was inborn talent, good genes or the luck of a good personality. But science has finally solved the puzzle. For years now, scholars, researchers and scientists have studied expert communicators and prominent leaders to “demystify’” their abilities.
Could their skills be taught to others? The answer is yes. Research has revealed specific insights, tools and techniques used consistently by visionary leaders to engage, inspire and influence others. Now, any dedicated leader can add the tools of the masters to his or her personal toolkit and advance his or her personal and professional growth, including you.

NLP: Invaluable Tools for Today’s Leader
Some have heard its name, yet many have not. NLP, or Neuro-Linguistic Programming, is invaluable to leaders looking for the edge. The keys to communication and influence revealed by top managers and visionary leaders through painstaking research have been codified into this high-impact system of personal achievement. Yes, it’s true, it has a strange name, but don’t let that dissuade you; NLP can help you achieve your objectives, faster and more easily.

What Can NLP Help You Do?
If you have yet to discover how NLP can help you, you’re in for a treat! It will help you read others with greater ease and get your message through. It will help you speak, communicate, present and influence with elegance. It will help you crush internal obstacles and guide others to do the same. In short, it offers proven tools you can begin to implement immediately to get the best out of yourself and others.
But don’t take my word for it - find out for yourself!

A Toolkit Used by Leading Figures
The tools of NLP have been used by the leaders to transform their personalities and fuel their achievements. President Obama, Bill Clinton, Princess Diana, Nelson Mandela, Hugh Jackman and Anthony Hopkins have all benefitted from its power and effi cacy. And finally, right here in South Africa, you can too!.

Communication and Coaching Essentials 3 Day Workshop to Develop the Core Skills of Visionary Leadership

Improve your communication, enliven your relationships, enhance your personality and acquire tools to help yourself and others bring out their best, with the Communication and Coaching Essentials Workshop.

Join me, Dan Ellappa, in this 3 day introduction to the tools of NLP. You’ll learn how to:

• Win trust rapidly and connect with others almost instantaneously
• Trigger peak states in yourself and others at will and develop your own “emotional control panel”
• Listen to others with a virtually magical presence so the open up to you easily a high-performing manager or coach’s secret weapon!
• Ask precision questions, get key information and witness virtually magical results
• Bust through bad habits and old patterns and program your mind for success
• Melt your own personal barriers and help others do the same • Read body language with skill and precision

Gain High-Value Skills and Tools
Yes, in this high-power workshop, you will gain valuable tools you can use to tap into your inner potential and accelerate your performance and achievement. Get ready!

A Toolkit for Coaches, Leaders and Managers
Yes, it says “Coaching Essentials,” but don’t be fooled: it’s not just for coaches. The world’s best leaders and managers are, in fact, expert coaches. With words alone they can “coach” others past obstacles and into superb performance. And maybe more importantly, they can coach themselves to be their best, anytime, anywhere

Professionals, managers and leaders pay thousands or more per hour for help from a skilled NLP coach when they want to advance their careers and accelerate their achievement. But you can begin to melt away internal barrier and acquire high-value tools for far less. Here’s what is included:
• 3 day Intensive Workshop
• 100 page manual
• Internationally recognized certification in Communication and Coaching Essentials from the International Society of NeuroSemantics (ISNS)

Space Is Limited - Book Now!
Space is limited to only 20 participants to make sure every single participant gets personal attention from the trainers. If you’d like to be there, please reserve your spot while there’s still room left. The value is high and the price is low, so the workshop will fill up! Reserve Your Spot Today!

Communication and Coaching Essentials 3 Day Workshop to Develop the Core Skills of Visionary Leadership

Develop Your Leadership with this 3 Day Workshop

Communication and Coaching Essentials is coming up and we want you to have your chance to develop your personal and professional skills and become indispensable to those who want and need your contribution!

In this enriching group learning experience, you will join like-minded individuals with similar backgrounds and aspirations. Share, exchange and grow together over these 3 enlightening days and expect to be transformed.

Course Outline
  Day 1
 •Introduction to NLP Communication Model
 •Sensory representations
 •Meta-representational system of language
 •Levels of referencing and representing
 •Eye accessing
  Day 2
 •Mind-body states
 •Calibrating states
 •Rapport building
 •Recognise and utilise sub modalities
 Day 3
 •Advanced goal-setting techniques
 •Meta-Programs •Basic NLP Filters


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