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Dream Planter

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The Dream Planter Methodology

The Dream Planter Life Lesson Series for Learners is a Six day intervention – spread over 6 months. These are interactive sessions
with reflective exercises and group work. Each Life Lesson is scheduled as a Two hour session with learners as an activity to highlight
the following principles:
• Discovering one’s purpose.
• What are the ingredients that make one grow?
• What happens when something unexpected happens and how does one adjust to such life challenges?
• Who am I – what defines me?
• What goals do I have and how do I go about achieving them?

The programme is adjusted to each grade level and is facilitated by an experienced facilitator who understands the
context of the school and its community.

The 5D Framework
There are 5 stages to this process:

- Discover
What is the purpose of the planter?
What happens when your world is turned upside down?

- Dialogue
This stage involves finding an accurate reflection of the above questions and a dialogue
takes place with the learner on the process of planting the seedling.

- Doing
This stage involves physically planting the seedling using the steps in the leaflet given in the
Dream Planter box.

- Decision
This stage focuses on personal decisions that need to be made when working with the
metaphor of the Dream Planter.

- Delicate
This is the process of caring for the plant.

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