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Penduka books for sales

Penduka books for sales

Welcome to our online book store. Please feel free to browse our books for sale all written by the founder of Penduka Training & Coaching.

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Coaching Graduate Interns: A Manager's Guide to Compelling Conversations

In any business, human relationships play a decisive role in shaping the job prospects of graduates. With alarming rates of unemployment around the world, the role of the manager in increasing the employability of any business’s graduate interns is crucial.

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Dream Planter

The Dream Planter: A Life Lesson Series for Learners

The Dream Planter is a metaphor for life. It offers each learner and their teacher, an opportunity to plant a seedling upside
down that represents living life in a topsy turvy world. The Dream Planter is designed to give learners and teachers an experience of
planting a seedling on their own or with someone else to demonstrate what working in teams is all about.

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The Coaching Game

An award-winning, powerful tool for individuals and groups,

and an asset in the professional toolkit.

Already translated into 19 languages and used across 150 countries.

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Leadership and the art of storytelling

Leadership and the Art of Storytelling is a practical book with stories that have been adapted for leadership lessons. The stories focus on themes such as trust, conflict, accountability, commitment and results. Throughout this book leaders will come across a structured set of activities to help them use the stories in different situations. Part of this process involves leaders relating the stories and lessons drawn from them to their own personal experiences.  

This book is a practical and experiential tool for leaders that will help them engage in compelling conversations with their teams. The ultimate purpose of this book is to show how storytelling brings about change in perspectives on everyday matters, both in business and in our personal lives. The use of stories by anyone and especially by leaders can effect a change in a person’s mental performance and their social interactions. The stories and metaphors used in this book illustrate their power to bring about sustainable change.

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